Everyone Can Be A Medium: Signs That You Are One

I wrote “How to be a Happy Medium” in 2003. In my first book I explained that everyone has the ability to be a medium. I teach classes on a regular basis where students have had real success with learning how to be open to signs, emotions and feelings from themselves and the other side. There is no magic incantations, any moral behavior, life of sainthood or extreme abilities needed to be a medium. If you believe you can be a medium and are open to it, you can. If you believe that you can not receive messages and are closed to the process, then you are also correct. Just being open to the concept that love never dies, that we are tethered to our late loved ones with just our love for them is all that is needed. This is not something that just exceptional people can do, this is something we are all born with the ability to do.

Late Loved Ones

When we die we no longer have a human form, human abilities and are pure energy or spirit. One thing I know to be true in my life is that we are all able to communicate after death with just the feeling of love we have for those we lost in life. Nobody dies, our energy changes but we always will be with those that we love the most. 

Pets and anything with Life

You too can communicate with anything that’s ever had a life force. Pets love us and are not separate from us. Some people have the ability to “whisper” to animals, plants, trees etc.  

Questions to ask Yourself

When you die will you want to send messages to your family or friends to let them know that you are still around and love them? Would you be too busy to be bothered with earthly things when you have died? Is there an afterlife or do we just die? Are your beliefs on death based on a religious, spiritual, educational or cultural belief about what happens after death? Is this a subject you don’t really know about but might like to study further? What are your blocks about the afterlife and where did they come from? 

Another thing I know to be true is that whatever you believe with feeling and emotion becomes your life and reality. Whatever you think becomes real for you no matter what the subject. If you want to change your life you have to change the story in your book. You have to be open to whatever the world has to offer and then check yes, or no for yourself personally. Nothing true for you is necessarily true for me. Yes, gravity is always true, but your beliefs are not gravity. 

Can you question what you know to be true without getting angry? Can you put aside whatever convictions you may have to understand things that aren’t necessarily tangible or linear? We can’t prove we love someone, we can’t prove that love exists but we all feel it and know it when it’s gone. 

Signs of Mediumship

  1. Vivid dreams of your loved one that are neutral or happy. Fear based dreams are dreams where are loved one won’t speak to us or are angry. Fear based dreams stem from our belief that we may have no abilities, that our loved ones are not there or have moved on.
  2. Feeling the vibe of a place or item. Being in a history museum or historical site and having the feeling of certain items or incidents that happened on land. The hair on the back of your neck stands up.
  3. Knowing if you like someone one immediately without reason or cause.
  4. Dreams of precognition knowing instances of places or people before they happen.
  5.  Attracting people to yourself in public places that want to tell you their whole life history.
  6. Seeing spirits in your minds eye or with your physical eyes. The spirits can be human, animal or unknown.
  7. Seeing shadow darts or sparks of light.
  8. Feeling like someone is with you when you are alone.
  9. Having vivid dreams where you feel like you’re awake and can’t sit up or move. 
  10. Hearing words, phrases or “television voices” at bed time but not knowing what is being said.
  11. Some people can see auras or colors around people or images. Some people can see a color around tree’s or people for example.